Monday, December 5, 2011

Dream by Priscilla Ahn or "Why Katie is a big ol cheeseball"

How I love this little song by Priscilla Ahn. Almost a little sweeter than I would normally prefer, this song is an anthem for all the pretty little tomboys who ever day dreamed their life away outdoors. 

So much about those early days of rough-knees under frilly skirts and tangled curls and dirt-coveted baby dolls - so much about those first rumblings of womanhood, the ones that made us stop and take notice before everything changed forever. But it's also so much about the mystery of life,  the mystery of "forever."

How this song makes me (and I can't really explain this emotion) almost wistful for the future...

So it is with proud and happy feelings that I dedicate this song to every little girl, every lady young and old. . .for every one of you that.has ever dreamed . .

Dream Offical Music Video on Youtube- Dream

  Lyrics to Dream :
I was a little girl Alone in my little world Who dreamed of a little home for me I played pretend between the trees And fed my houseguests bark and leaves And laughed in my pretty bed of green

I had a dream That I could fly From the highest swing I had a dream

Long walks in the dark Through woods grown behind the park I asked God who I'm supposed to be The stars smiled down at me God answered in silent reverie I said a prayer and fell asleep

I had a dream That I could fly From the highest tree I had a dream


Now I'm old and feeling gray I don't know what's left to say About this life I'm willing to leave I lived it full, I lived it well As many tales I live to tell I'm ready now, I'm ready now I'm ready now To fly from the highest wing I had a dream
Oh, how the whole song makes me want to weep with joy at the memories of what was! How it makes me stop in amazement of just  how precisely it speaks of what is going on in my life right now -  and for so many young women know and love, and want to know

(Okay so I'm not gonna lie. I wasnt gonna publish this. I was how carried away I got. Then I stopped amd thought,.if o dodnt publish it,.that would be the lie!. I do love this. A lot. awhy try and act cool? Dude, I am comforyable withmy dorkiness. . . )